Women’s groups secured $11 billion in loans in past eight months

Sebastian Kitiku, the departmental director for children at the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Special Groups made the observation Tuesday in Kahama town, Shinyanga region, during a ceremony marking International Women’s Day (IWD). ).

Surveys show substantial positive changes through women’s economic empowerment and the government will continue to encourage women to join groups to pursue various opportunities and obtain loans from financial institutions, he said.

“The government is working on a plan to provide entrepreneurship training and other essential skills by linking women to various institutions and training programs to build business capacity, processing and packaging of products. We will also connect them to market opportunities inside and outside the country to facilitate their growth,” he said.

Kahama City Council Director Anderson Msumba said the council had approved $477.5 million in loans over the past three months for a number of special groups.

The loans benefited 39 groups and among them 25 groups are women who got 277.5m/- while 14 youth groups received 200m/-, he said, pointing out that women, youth and people with disabilities will have access to loans “when they want”. .”

“The special groups have faced financial constraints due to limited access to economic opportunities. That is why the government is supporting them through subsidized loans,” he said, reminding groups to maintain trust by ensuring they repay loans on time.

The director said the municipality is doing well in providing loans to women, youth and people with disabilities, with recipients repaying the funds on time. Not all groups receiving the funds were so diligent, he added.

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