Wilco Launches 20th Anniversary Tour of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in New York

Photo by Charles Harris

Last night, April 15, American indie rock band Wilco kicked off their 20th anniversary tour of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot at the United Palace Theater in New York City. The performance, which was the first of three scheduled for the United Palace Theatre, saw the band perform their iconic 2001 LP. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in its entirety.

Wilco was joined at the theater by a horn section that included American trombonist and jazz vocalist Natalie Cressman. The ensemble started the evening as many had hoped, with the opening song of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, “I’m trying to break your heart.” The evening perfectly followed the format of the album. “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” was followed by track 2, “Kamera”, which was followed by track 3, “Radio Cure”. As you might expect, this held true for the rest of the set; track 5, “Jesus, etc.” was followed by track 6, “Ashes Of American Flags”, and so on. The performance was so true to form the Marina City complex – featured on the album cover – that might as well have risen from the ground up on the spot.

After penultimate track 10, “Poor Places,” was followed by the closing song “Reservations,” few knew what was to follow, but an encore seemed imminent. Wilco returned to the stage and opened with a cover of Bill Fay’s “Be Not So Fearful,” which marked the first time the band had performed the song since June 24, 2017. This was followed by two tracks honoring the late Jay Bennett, who was a member of Wilco until his death and also acted as an engineer on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. First came “Pieholden Suite”, which they haven’t played since December 8, 2014, which was followed by the evening’s final track “A Magazine Called Sunset”, which was last heard. just two days before “Pieholden Suite” on December 6, 2014.

Learn more about Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 20th Anniversary Tour here.

United Palace Theater – New York
April 15, 2022

Adjust: I’m Trying To Break Your Heart, Kamera, Radio Cure, War On War, Jesus, Etc., Ashes Of American Flags, Heavy Metal Drummer, I’m The Man Who Loves You, Pot Kettle Black, Poor Places, Reservations

Enc. : Don’t Be So Afraid, Pieholden Suite, A Magazine Called Sunset

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