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In a year filled with multiple musical adaptations, including In the heights and the next one Steven spielberg interpretation of West Side Story, we have Dear Evan Hansen stepping out during Suicide Prevention Month, timing that seems to fit like a glove. Adapted from the Tony Award-winning musical of the same name, the film focuses on Evan Hansen, a socially awkward misfit who is mistakenly seen as Conner’s only friend, a classmate who committed suicide. Overwhelmed by the sudden attention he gains from Connor’s family once they find a letter Evan has written to himself among Connor’s belongings, Evan tries to be their shoulder to mourn over Connor’s death. .

The musical incorporates the heavy subject matter into the songs, and the film features a starry ensemble to portray the complex characters. If you’re wondering who plays who in the movie (and where you’ve seen them before), here’s a detailed guide to the cast and characters of the big-screen version of Broadway Meet. Dear Evan Hansen.

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Evan Hansen (Ben Platt)


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Evan Hansen is the typical frail-looking high school student who has no friends other than family friend Jared Kalwani. He also suffers from anxiety and often writes letters to himself as a coping mechanism. After crossing paths with Connor Murphy, an emo, and having him sign his casting, Evan has another opportunity to flourish. Even though he was not close to Connor, Evan’s sensitivity and concern for Connor’s family help him connect with the parents of the late teenager and develop a romantic relationship with his crush Zoe Murphy, the Connor’s sister. Hanging on to a secret that could potentially shatter these new connections, Evan will struggle to speak the truth and maintain the love and acceptance he has received since Connor’s death.

Ben platt will play the role of Evan Hansen for the second time after playing the role on Broadway years ago. His performance on stage saw him win a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2017. Although the actor questioned whether or not he was too old for the role, Platt was chosen for the film. . In an interview for Variety, the actor shared about the cathartic experience of playing Evan Hansen in the screen adaptation: “I spent a lot of time with Evan, and that’s a very fuzzy line in terms of him and me and my own anxieties. In terms of hyper-connectivity and social media to it all, the play has always taught me and continues to teach me, in a new way in the movie, how important it is to differentiate between virtual things or invented or fabricated and the things that are real and human and the connections that really matter. In addition to his stage work, audiences can recognize Platt from on-screen roles, including his performances as Peyton in Ryan murphyfrom the Netflix and Benji series in Perfect and Perfect location 2.

Connor Murphy (Colton Ray)


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Connor Murphy isn’t in the popular crowd either. Notable for wearing all-black clothes and being aggressive in school, Connor frequently uses drugs to deal with his own personal struggles. He even confronts Evan, shortly before signing his casting and finding Evan’s letter in the printer. Connor committed suicide soon after, causing immediate distress to his parents, Cynthia and Larry, as well as his sister Zoe. He also unintentionally changes Evan’s life.

Although Colton’s radius doesn’t have much screen time, his performance as Connor Murphy in the feature film is critical to the outcome of the events that occur after the suicide. The actor was also linked with the Broadway musical, having studied the same character before the on-screen version. Ray is also known to have played Gene Laine in another Broadway episode titled Girl from the north of the country and for his starring role in the original Apple TV +, Small voice.

Zoe Murphy (Kaitlyn Dever)


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Zoe is Connor’s younger sister and eventually becomes Evan’s girlfriend. Prior to his brother’s death, Zoe didn’t get along with him, let alone understand his behavior. After her death, Zoe wished she had known better and spent more time by her side. This is what draws her to Evan, because in her mind, he was her brother’s only friend and perhaps the only person who could comfort her during this tragic moment.

Kaitlyn Dever plays Zoe in the musical adaptation. His career has exploded in recent years, since his lead role in Olivia wildeComing-of-age comedy Booksmart and its portrayal of sexual assault survivor Marie in the Netflix limited series Unbelievable. This may be Dever’s first role in a musical film, but she and her sister Mady kicked off a duet music career in 2020 with the premiere of their lead single. Raleigh. Next up, Dever stars in an episode of the FX anthology The premise and the stars of Hulu’s limited series Sick.

Alana Beck (Amandla Stenberg)


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Alana is Evan’s self-absorbed and melodramatic classmate, who, even though he notices he’s wearing a cast, doesn’t offer to sign it. She is always looking for opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that will increase her chances of landing at a prestigious university. This is part of the reason why she agrees to help Evan and Jared put together a project that preserves Connor’s legacy.

Amandla Stenberg play Alana in Dear Evan Hansen and the actress has been around for a while. Stenberg has gained a lot of recognition since arriving on Time’s Most Influential Teens list in 2015 and 2016. After participating in Damien ChazelleNetflix’s musical series the whirlwind and the screen version of The hate you give, Stenberg will not only play Alana in the upcoming feature film, but has also collaborated with Benj Pasek and Justin paul in an original song called Anonymous.

Jared Kleinman (Nik Dodani)


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Jared is a friend of the Hansen family who sometimes supports Evan as a confidant. He’s not as close to him before Connor’s death, but the two bond over the “Connor Project” and when they try to forge evidence of Evan and Connor’s friendship. Although Jared knows that the letter Connor had with him was Evan’s therapeutic mission, he decides to keep it a secret. However, he threatens Evan to tell the truth when things start to go wrong with their project.

Nik dodani will play Jared onscreen, and he’s already been known for playing sarcastic and eccentric teens since his role as Zahid in Atypical (a Netflix series that recently completed its fourth and final season). The actor is also known for playing Pat Patel in the revival of Brown murphy, chase Rao on Trinkets, and Danny in the horror movie Escape room.

Heidi Hansen (Julianne Moore)


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Heidi is Evan’s mother and works as a nurse’s aide while taking an after-hours paralegal course. This means that she often leaves Evan home alone. In an attempt to help her son find new friends, Heidi suggests that he get his classmates to sign his casting. This is what prompts Connor to sign Evan’s cast and contributes to Murphy’s idea that Evan was their son’s only friend.

Julianne Moore will play Evan’s mother in Dear Evan Hansen. The Oscar winner is a prolific Hollywood name in both the indie and blockbuster sectors. Popularly known for her roles in Always Alice, Far from the sky, and in Game change, the actress will play alongside Amy adams. The two have previously worked together in The woman at the window, a Netflix movie released a few months ago. Moore is also starring in the original Apple Tv +, Lisey’s story.

Cynthia Murphy (Amy Adams)


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Cynthia is Connor and Zoe’s stay-at-home mom, still trying to keep her family from falling apart. Even though she mostly fails in her efforts, she doesn’t give up. After her son passes away, Cynthia is overcome with grief and it prompts her to connect with Evan and welcome him into their family.

Amy Adams plays Cynthia, bringing her back to the musical world after her work in delighted and The Muppets. Recognized for her comedic and dramatic roles, Addams has won numerous awards and nominations (including six Oscar nominations during her career) for her roles in american unrest and Junebug, among others. Other than Dear Evan Hansen, the actress starred in The woman at the window this year, and is currently running the delighted following, Disillusioned.

Larry Murphy (Danny Pino)


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Larry is Connor and Zoe’s stepfather and is always busy and away from family matters. After the death of his stepson, Larry and his wife try to find out more about Connor from Evan’s accounts. He also feels nervous about what happened and why Connor decided to take their rich and stable reality for granted.

Danny pino is Larry Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen, and the actor is often linked to successful TV series, such as Case closed, Law and Order: SVU, and more recently, Mayas MC. This will be his first time in a musical and different from his original version, Danny will not play Connor’s father, but his stepfather instead.

Dear Evan Hansen opens in theaters September 24.

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