When Francis Rossi served ice cream containing his own blood

Status quo leader Francis Rossi told Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson about a time he served ice cream containing his own blood to unsuspecting customers.

The rocker’s Italian family ran Rossi’s ice cream parlor in London, and as a young man he worked alongside his father before changing directions and following the music instead.

In a recent episode of Psycho Schizo Espresso, moderated by Dickinson and psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton, Rossi recalled the family business. “I had to get into ice cream, but back then it was a horrible idea, and now I think it wouldn’t have been that bad,” the singer joked. When Dickinson mentioned the “ice cream wars” – referring to the violent incidents between rival criminal gangs in the 1980s – Rossi said: “It continues. A few times my dad came home beaten up for some reason. Unless he’s chasing someone’s wife. He was probably a bit like that – Italiano!

The Status Quo frontman then recounted one of his first misadventures. “You see, the ice cream goes into these rooms; it’s liquefied and you pour it on top, ”Rossi explained. “It’s a frozen chamber and this thing swings with blades and makes ice cream.” Well, I got up to check… I pushed the ice cream into the little piece of funnel… and sure enough the blade kicks in to start the thing, and she cut my finger off.

He continued, “And it got a little pink, ice cream. Fuck knows if they’d get away with it these days, but [Dad] made me serve the rest of the day! He said, ‘Just tell them it’s strawberry or something.’ Dutton noted, “There’s probably all these people of a certain generation running around South London with issues with them,” to which Dickinson replied, “Rossi’s DNA!”

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