Wes Studie’s mother Maggie Studie dies at 92

Maggie Studie (Cherokee), mother of Oscar-winning Native American actor Wes Studie, passed away on Sunday, October 17. Fluent in the Cherokee language, she has taught her tribal language for decades to others. She was 92 years old.

Born in Norfire Hollow, Oklahoma, her preferred language was Tsalagi or Cherokee. Her parents spoke Cherokee at home and as a young girl she became bilingual by learning to speak English herself by listening to others and observing the actions of English speakers and making the connection between the two.

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She was a strong advocate for the Cherokee Nation to preserve the Cherokee language for future generations.

Maggie married Andy Studie. The couple had four sons, Wesley, Andy Lee, Bobby Lee and Calvin. As a couple, they made a living for their family by working on ranches and farms in the far west of the Cherokee Nation and came to rest in Collinsville, Okla. While there they developed their favorite project of teaching music to the sons while they were still in school. The boys formed a rock-n-roll band. Andy Senior became their manager and Maggie became a rock-n-roll mom as they traveled from group engagement to group engagement in eastern Oklahoma.

Wes Studi (Photo / Courtesy)

Studie was also an environmental activist who participated in the successful Blackfox nuclear power plant protest near Inola, Oklahoma, as well as a subsequent protest in Washington, DC.

Studie’s obituary states that “she sighed in relief and thanked the creator when the plans for the nuclear power plant were scrapped.” She was a firm believer that as long as we as people were truthful, honest, and caring about others, Creator would help and take care of the rest.

Maggie was predeceased by her husband, Andy Studie, son Calvin, parents and siblings.

She is survived by her sons Wesley Studie (Maura Dhu), Andy Lee Studie (Karla Reynolds), Bob L. Studie and her grandchildren Daniel Studie, Adam Studie, Leah Studie, Bradley Studie, Marsha Studie, Dionne Studie, Chelsea Studie and Kholan Studie and many great-grandchildren.

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