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A guide to all Unicredit loans: what they are, how much you can get and what you can do with each one!

Unicredit, one of the leading credit institutions in the country, has in store for you a loan for every need. But what are the Unicredit loans available today within the group’s agencies? We try to find out more by finding out which credit lines are useful to meet the needs of the whole family, for small and large purchases, and what are the ways to request it.

Personal loans: various solutions for each project!

Unicredit loans are distinguished by amounts, purposes, characteristics of flexibility, and other peculiarities. Let’s see them in detail.

Credit Express Mini

Credit Express Mini is a personal loan that can be requested for amounts between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, useful for being able to easily finance the expenses for your family, for smaller projects. The sum can be returned within repayment programs between 18 and 36 months.

CreditExpress Dynamic

CreditExpress Dynamic is one of the Unicredit loans to meet the needs of the family for amounts between 3,000 and 30,000 euros, to be repaid between 36 and 84 months. The personal loan is characterized by important flexibility options, allowing the debtor to skip the installment, change the installment or obtain new liquidity.

CreditExpress Compact

CreditExpress Compact is the Unicredit loan for debt consolidation: with a newly issued credit line it will be possible to replace all or part of the loans in progress, for amounts between € 3,000 and € 50,000, and for amortization periods of between € 36,000 and 120 months.

CreditExpress Top

CreditExpress Top is a loan for major purchases, of between € 31,000 and € 75,000. The duration of the amortization schedule varies between 36 months and 120 months.

Loans for the home

In addition to personal loans, Unicredit grants its customers a good range of home loans:

  • Home Loan : is the financing for the first or second home to be purchased (or for the land);
  • Restructuring loan : this is the loan to start the renovation of your home;
  • CreditExpress Energy Saving : it is the Unicredit loan for energy redevelopment of your home.

How to apply for Unicredit loans

To apply for Unicredit loans, simply go to any branch of the group and complete the reference forms, attaching a copy of your personal documentation and proof of your income.


For the request for financing for the Unicredit house, it will also be necessary to deliver to the bank the documentation relating to the property being purchased or refurbished (cadastral plan, cadastral survey, document of origin and other documents that will be indicated by the Unicredit consultant who will instruct your practice).

For more information on Unicredit loans, we advise you to consult the information sheets on the transparency of the above-mentioned products, available at each of the branches of the group, or on the banking website of reference. More information can then be requested in each of the agencies that make up the rich sales and service network of the bank.

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