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I have struggled to focus on new music in 2021. Faced with constant re-evaluations of whether to go to events and festivals, orally venture into more misunderstanding and try to access my knowledge. feelings about it, it felt like a tall order. Instead, I read audiobooks and podcasts almost every waking moment to achieve a neutral level of non-absorbent distraction.

The constant buzz made the cases of diving into one version, forced to think of just one thing, all the more memorable. I have been fortunate enough to do this for some of the local projects below. I remember watching the five Alexalones, nestled around the kitchen table at bandmate Lomelda’s house, during my only in-person group interview of the year. It was in July, just before the Delta variant hit Texas.

I remember other details of telephone interviews. Indoor Creature’s Caleb Fleischer Says Aquatic Themes On May Album Living in darkness were actually concerned with climate concern and the study of ecosystems, making the music video for “Ocean Blue” all the more charming, where her character falls in love with the sea. I love the anxious groove of KindKeith’s “Alive” Take what you need, about a fire at a house party. In May, he said: “It comes from my own fears, but it also comes from a desire to go to the party again.”

Like many on those lists, he managed to pull off a nuanced era of isolation creation without making a “pandemic album.”


1) Sun June, Somewhere (Keeled Scales & Run for Cover)

2) Novella TV, Merlynn Belle (Kill rock stars)

3) Katy kirby, Cool and dry place (Keeled scales)

4) Deezie Brown & Jake Lloyd, Geto Gala (chopped and slow motion)

5) Hovvdy, True love (Grand jury)


seven) Molly burch, Romantic images (Captured tracks)

8) Natalie Jane Hill, Uniquely (Dear Life)

9) GenderKeith, Take what you need

ten) Alexalone, Alexaloneworld (Polyvinyl)


1) Kendra sells, Everything in your head (calm year)

2) Mobley, Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme (Last strip)

3) Jaron marshall, The prequel

4) American friend, Its under the rock (Anse Colombe)

5) Catherine de Rosset, Fire rises

6) The Lonely Woman, The Lonely Woman

seven) Ifé Neuro, Some songs about you

8) Feels, Superfluid B-faces (Very Jazz)

9) The sunsets, The sunsets (Lechehouse Music)

ten) Glass healer, But the weight of comfort pulled me down


1) Superstar TC, “To waste my time”

2) Daylight, “Close to you” (Very nice)

3) Shiela, “YO TE QUISE”

4) Why Bonnie, “Galveston” (Fat Possum)

5) Pleasure venom, “We get what you deserve”

6) Interior creature, “American Dream” (The Record Machine)

seven) Mr. woman, “The fault on the water” (Nine Mile)

8) Van Marie, “Connie Converse”

9) half helix, “It will take” (Mariel Recording Co.)

ten) Eimaral Sol, “Care2Much”

Music Videos

1) Mobley, “Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme (Visual EP)” (D: Mobley)

2) Superstar TC, “Losing my time” (D: Julio Correa)

3) Batteries, “Chicon” (D: Vanessa Pla)

4) Representation of guilt, “… where the suffering never ends” (D: Craig Murray)

5) Interior creature, “Ocean Blue” (D: Bita Ghassemi)

6) Golden Dawn Arkestra, “I deserve success” (D: Ben Blanchard)

seven) Rajinée, “Catcall & Response” (D: Rajinee, Huay-Bing Law, Sam Mohney)

8) Gillette pussy, “Banana” (listed on YouTube as “Pxssy Gillette- Banana”)

9) Central heat exchange, “Almost for you” (D: Jenni Kaye, Jinni J [Virgo House])

ten) Susannah Joffe, “Backseat (Official Live Performance)” (D: Susannah Joffe)

Cover songs

1) Croy and the boys, “Do they owe us a life? “(By Crass)

2) Novella TV, “Adventures close to home” (by the Raincoats)

3) Charley crockett, “Midnight Run” (by James Hand)

4) Jackie Venson’s achievement. Kam Franklin and Akina Adderley, “Down by the Riverside / Up Above My Head” (the latter popularized by Sister Rosetta Tharpe)

5) Hovvdy, “Griffes” (by Charli XCX)

6) Cactus lee, “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” (by Bob Dylan) (available as part of the Lagniappe sessions at the Drunkard Aquarium)

seven) shisha money, “Fatalidad” (by La Mermelada)

8) Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy feat. Cassie berman, “The Wild Kindness” (by the Silver Jews)

9) Petit Mazarn feat. Jad Fair, Thor Harris, Craig Ross, “Werewolf” (by Jad and David Fair)

ten) Lomelda, “Sad 2” (by Frankie Cosmos)


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