The Rolling Stones reflect on Charlie Watts, touring and new music

The Rolling Stones did not speak at length in the press following the death of drummer Charlie Watts. However, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood each took part in a new interview where they discussed a wide range of topics related to their late friend and bandmate and their current tour of the United States.

Talk with the Los Angeles Times, Jagger said the idea of ​​canceling the tour was never really considered.

“… We felt – and Charlie felt – that we should do this tour. We had already put it off for a year, and Charlie said, ‘You have to go. All the team members who are out of work, you’re not going to put them out of work anymore, ”Jagger said. So I think it was the right decision to continue. The band still sounds great on stage, and everyone has been very responsive in the few big shows we’ve done so far. They hold up signs saying, “We miss you, Charlie”, and I miss him too.

Wood recalled the last time he saw Watts, who was in the same room in the same hospital that Wood had previously occupied in 2020 for cancer treatment. He called the play a ‘Sequel to the Rolling Stones’ and added about his last meeting with Watts: “We watched the horse races on TV and just pulled the breeze. I could tell he was pretty tired and fed up with this whole thing. He said, “I was really hoping to be out of here now,” then after that there was a complication or two and I wasn’t allowed to come back. No one was.

Richards, meanwhile, always deals with life without Watts saying, “I’m always trying to put it together in my head. I don’t think I can be much of a scholar about Charlie right now… Charlie was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known, and the most unlikely man to be famous. He hated this side of the job and used to give a damn about it.

The Stones, of course, have been working on new music and have plans to release an album in the near future. Although they did not disclose the progress of this LP, which would be their first collection of new music since the 2005s A bigger blow, Richards made sure to note about the album, “Let me put it this way: you haven’t heard the last one from Charlie Watts.”

Charlie Watts: classic images through the years

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