The rock group Pyramid Suns will release a new album

Singer Joel Baldacchino talk to Lara Zamit on the band’s next launch.

Lara Zammit: Your Next Album reflections is on the horizon, slated for release on June 28. Are the retro rock beats of the latest Pyramid Suns singles Cold wind and The idiot indicative of what we should expect from the album as a whole?

Joel Baldacchino: That’s a pretty tricky question to answer…we consider it a bit of both.

Yes, because the retro sound and features of our game are present in all titles. It can be considered as an essential sound of the group. Thus, our philosophy is present in every song.

However, no, because the style of each song varies. For instance, Cold wind is more of an alternate catchy song, while, for example, The idiot (the first single we released from the album) is more of a classic progressive rock song. This means that certain leads will be more appealing to a certain demographic of people and vice versa.

We also tried to add a more modern touch to some tracks, but we don’t want to spoil any surprises just yet.

The band playing at one of their past gigs.

LZ: Having been on stage since 2014, how would you describe the artistic journey that led to the creation of this next album? What was your journey to get here?

JB: It was an amalgam of emotions, satisfaction, difficulties and accomplishments to say the least. There have been ups and downs, just like with anything else in life, but since the band’s formation began, one thing has remained the same: the desire to create music with complete freedom of expression. of each musician and without the shackles of styles.

We want to create music with the total freedom of expression of each musician and without the shackles of styles

The split with the band’s former drummer (which was reciprocated due to differing opinions and other reasons) and the fact that with COVID we couldn’t play, took a toll on the productivity and overall vibe of the band, but as soon as Luke Briffa joined the band just two years ago, we immediately had an idea in mind, which was to create our first full album.

With her help and encouragement, Kyle, Keith and I have all done our best to see the seeds of creativity bloom again.

LZ: With yourself on vocals and guitar, Kyle Fenech on lead guitars, Keith Fenech on bass and Luke Briffa on drums, how does each of the four band members contribute to the creation of your music? Is it a combination of different products or a symbiosis, where each relies on the contributions of the other? Can you describe the process by which you create your music?

JB: We always wanted to create music that sounded good to us, despite the style or the feeling that the song gave off. The songwriting process is also the same to some extent – we don’t have one songwriting method, although there is one method that is used more than the others, especially for this album.

Pyramid Suns will soon release the retro rock album 'Reflections'.Pyramid Suns will soon release the retro rock album ‘Reflections’.

I usually come up with ideas or, as we like to call them, skeleton songs. I introduce them to the rest of the band and the song is then developed to fit a band format (because they’re usually written on an acoustic guitar).

Once the band has finished the song and everyone is happy with the result, I then write the lyrics for the songs. That said, some ideas pop up instantly in the rehearsal space during the jamming, or Kyle might come up with an idea that everyone likes, and we’ll work on that.

I think the main reason Kyle, Keith and I stuck together is that we complement each other very well musically, other than the obvious fact that we’re good friends now. You can say we are like a musical family and Luke was a very welcome addition.

Pyramid Suns next album reflections

reflections has nine tracks in total: The desert, Dust, In search of the light, instinctive desire, Groove Alchemy, Cold wind, Interlude, Purple and The idiot.

The album invites the public to reflect on themselves and on the functioning of our society. What am I doing right or wrong? How can I be better? What can I do to have an impact on the society in which we live given my position?

“Music, just like us as individuals, is constantly changing,” says Baldacchino. “Each of us as musicians has always seen the band as an experimental playground. The concept of the album is quite “serious”, or heavy, so to speak, but in contrast, the music can be very catchy, energetic and sometimes lively and playful.

Pyramid Suns will perform their latest full album reflections when they launch in Zion, Marsascala on June 28th. Reflections was recorded at Temple Studios, Malta. Tickets for the event are available at

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