The Recorder – Apple-themed festival in Shutesbury to provide platform for local musicians

Posted: 7/9/2021 14:59:52 PM

SHUTESBURY – Since the cancellation of the 2020 ‘Mud Season’ music festival, musician and event planner David Bullley has said he feels the absence of live music in his heart. He hopes to fill that gap with Early Apple Fest, a one-day apple-themed music festival that will provide a platform for local talent.

Early Apple Fest, a celebration of early crop growth and regional talent, will be held on Saturday, September 11 from noon to 11 p.m. at the Shutesbury Athletic Club. In addition to live music, the event will feature food, craft vendors and even the Worcester Red Sox.

Bullley said Early Apple Fest is a “replacement” for Mud Season, which was slated for March 2020 but has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that with “everything else under the sun” suffering the same fate, he felt a deep void.

“If you’re someone who loves live music, last year was just a giant hole,” Bulley said. “I truly believe that it will take years to recover from the pandemic emotionally, spiritually and as a community.”

Bulley’s hosting of the festival was his way of starting to bridge that gap. He said Franklin County, in particular, had the talent to do it. After enjoying what he heard, he wished there were more opportunities for little musicians to gain notoriety.

“We’re pretty lucky, as far as the music is concerned,” Bulley said. “It’s my experience for years and years now that you can go to a bar in western Massachusetts and hear great talent with a crowd of five to six people.”

At the Early Apple Fest, the J-pop fusion group The Yasu Suzuki Method, the groovy and bluesy band SpaceBar, the Electric Button Band, eclectic and soul, the American Dave Bully Band, the cover band Les Raconteurs, Petey’s barnRocket Racketeers , blues-rock Blue Streak by John Sheldon and Love Crumbs from the folk-rock group Greenfield.

To help achieve the apple theme, Bulley said there will be apple pies, apple fries with a tangy caramel sauce, and other dishes. Food vendors will be joined by craft vendors selling various wares, as well as a station where the Worcester Red Sox minor league baseball team will hand out memorabilia and autographs. Bullley said he is currently looking for more vendors to attend the festival and would like anyone interested to contact him.

As a musician, Bulley hopes that the performance of his festival and his band can help rediscover what makes live music a “spiritual experience”.

“I think the goal of a successful event is a smile on people’s faces when they leave,” Bulley said. “You can stand outside and watch people smile and talk when they go out. It’s a feeling that is truly worth it.

Tickets for Early Apple Fest can be purchased online at for $ 15, as well as at the door for $ 20. Vendors interested in attending the festival can contact Bulley at 413-522-0032 or [email protected]

Contact Julian Mendoza at 413-772-0261, ext. 261 or [email protected]

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