The Big Spring and Sweetwater groups take part in the Andrews playoff game.


SWEETWATER, Texas (KOSA) – When it became clear that Andrews’ squad wouldn’t be able to perform at the soccer game today, it looked like Andrews wouldn’t have a squad at all. It was then that several communities in West Texas came together to form this.

In American sports, we like to use a lot of heavy words like battle, rivalry, and hate.

After Andrews’ group was involved in a bus crash on Friday that killed their group manager and bus driver, those words were replaced with names like love, care and support.

“We all live in West Texas. We all take care of each other. When something like this happens it is a terrible tragedy, we will all help each other, ”said Jay McWilliams, Superintendent of Big Spring.

Members of the groups Sweetwater and Big Spring took a day off from Thanksgiving to show their support for Andrews performing for them when their group couldn’t.

Both groups quickly learned a few songs and chants from Andrews.

Even some former students, like Texas Rangers organist Dustin Tatro, showed up with his horn to show their support.

“If our two biggest rivals are to step in and be the squad for the playoff game, let’s let some of the alumni come if they want. So I’ll take my horn and go out, if nothing else, that’s where I need to be, ”Tatro said.

At halftime, the groups Sweetwater and Big Spring performed “Closer to You, My God” in honor of Andrews High School group principal Darin Johns and bus driver Marc Boswell.

There was also a football game to play, rumor has it that the other team won.

It’s hard to imagine this day as anything other than a win for Andrews and West Texas.

Looking not at the dash, but in the stands, which really matters.

“Even though we have this loss, and even though Darin Johns is no longer with us, he still brings us together,” said Matthew Gudino, group principal of Sweetwater High School.

“Satan thought he could play with us and bring down a community. What he’s going to find out is that he screwed up and he never should have played with Andrews,” Tatro said.

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