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A new conductor’s workshop and the establishment of a membership directory are the latest benefits of being part of the Brass Band Conductors’ Association.

The Brass Band Conductors’ Association (BBCA) has partnered with the UniBrass organization to support free conducting workshop places for three conductors looking to develop their talents.

Thornton lead

The session will be led by conductor Dr. David Thornton and will include podium time with the National University Brass Band.

The workshop will take place on the morning of Sunday 28th August at the Hesley Wood Scout Activity Center in Chapeltown, Sheffield (start time to be confirmed) with a final finish bar around 1pm.

Places are available for conductors who are members of the BBCA.

Those who manage to secure a free place will be joined by those who attend the Band Camp summer school organized by UniBrass.

To apply, please email Alex Parker on [email protected]

Member Directory

The association has also launched a new membership directory with the aim of increasing the visibility of conductors among potential groups, concert promoters and project organizers.

The new directory will provide a first stop for anyone looking for guest conductors or a new music director and will include photos and biographies of participating BBCA members.

The Association intends to further develop the directory as more members take advantage of the new functionality. This is one of the many benefits the organization offers its members.

We want to help conductors grow, and marching bands with themJames Holt, BBCA


BBCA Chairman James Holt told 4BR: “One thing we are here to do at the BBCA is to give conductors a platform to showcase their expertise and experience, and the new repertoire will be an essential part of it.

We want to help conductors grow, and marching bands with them. With our exciting new workshops, collaborations and of course our conducting competitions, I hope the BBCA can become a one-stop-shop not only for conductors, but also for bands and orchestras looking for leadership. musical.”

He added: “Finding the right conductor is one of the most important, difficult and important tasks for ensembles, and we hope that having a repository of musical biographies and CVs will be useful for bands that might be looking to hire new musical talent.”

More information:

For more information on the BBCA, please visit:

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