Texans’ Lovie Smith played Motown at rookie minicamp

Lovie Smith is no stranger to old school R&B. The former NFL coach in 2005 compared his Tampa 2 defense to the timeless genre.

Just as Smith introduced rookies on defense to his Tampa 2 principles at rookie minicamp on May 13, he also indoctrinated the entire rookie class with old-school R&B at the Houston Texans training grounds outside the Houston Methodist Training Center.

“I wake up to music every day,” Smith said. “I’m a music guy, to say the least. You can tell I’m probably a bit more into Motown than rap music, that’s probably easy to see. But you kind of start training the same pretty much everywhere I’ve been.

Smith acknowledged that football is not played in silence. Therefore, music is inevitably part of the game.

“Music has become a big part of practice these days for young people,” Smith said. “You go into our locker room, there’s nothing wrong with that. There is a time for that. The game is not played in silence. So I like music in training, and sometimes loud music in training.

Smith uses old school R&B to reinforce that he is an old school coach and there are principles he still believes in about the game of football, and his beliefs will never change.

Says Smith: “Most of the time when I say something, I really believe it. I’m old school, and there’s a lot of stuff you don’t want to leave us completely, and the music of the past is one of those things that says a lot.

The Texans hope Smith’s old-school ways bring a new kind of winning attitude to NRG Stadium. If nothing else, Smith is at least keeping old-school R&B alive with the younger generation.

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