Talented Rock Band Social Of Relations Set To Release Upcoming EP “Victory Harmony” In April

The new band in town Social relations comes armed with its incredible soundscape breaking the norms of traditional music. They are about to release a brand new EP, Victory Harmonywhich features some of their greatest creations. There are 6 soundtracks in the EP and it opens with the title track, “Victory Harmony”. The clever use of instrumentation to bring out the true essence of the vocal performances is what makes the song stand out from the ordinary. The artists’ dynamic storytelling allows audiences to imagine how the creators feel, lingering long in their hearts.

The newly formed group has been trying rock for a few years. There’s Micheal VW, Jeff Vernon, Al Orr and many more in the band. United by the band, gifted individuals bring their expertise in various musical aspects to establish one of the mighty bands of this generation. All of their songs on the album are uplifting and carry a special message for listeners to interpret. The soothing melodies of their creations generate real emotional reactions in the audience. You will be able to reminisce about the old days with a nostalgic resonance.

The band released the title track last year along with a music video on YouTube. The song gained huge success on the platform, receiving positive responses from the public. Their next EP, ‘Harmony Victory’ releasing on April 4 is sure to be more successful. Other songs on the EP are “Change to Making It”, “The World of Vibes”, “How Fast Life will Go”, “Don’t You Bite Me Bob” and “Look at That Prophecy”. Social relations put his heart and soul into the songs. Pre-record the song to Apple Music and follow them on Youtube and instagram for more information.

Check out the song on Apple Music:


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