Space Battleship Tiramisu 3rd Stage Play Reveals All Its Cast Members

Next the initial announcement in April, the official website of the theatrical adaptation project based on the sci-fi manga by Satoshi Miyakawa (story) and Kei Ito (art) Uchu Senkan Tiramisu / Space Battleship Tiramisu announcement all major cast members for her upcoming third show “Yukaku Ikiteena-hen’s Ginga Ressha” (Chapter “I wish I could go to a red-light district on a galactic train”) today. The third show is supposed to be the culmination of the series of plays.

In addition to returning members from the first two shows, including Kentaro Menjo as the protagonist Subaru Ichinose, Arisa Deguchi, Saki Takahashi, and Kouki Okubo are newly cast as Ligier Leroy, Ginetta Mettus Walklet, and Samurai, respectively.

Subaru Ichinose: Kentaro Menjo / Isuzu Ichinose: Gaku Takamoto

Vulgar Hummer: Yusuke Ueda /Ligier Leroy: Arisa Deguchi

Romeo Alfa: Nobunaga Sato / Dodge Nitro: Yu Miyazawa

Subaru-Beyond: Kotarō Itō / Cadillac Escalade: Kohei Masaki

Walklet Ginetta Mettus: Saki Takahashi / Samurai: Kouki Okubo

The first part of the play was performed in the summer of 2018, then the second show “Stage Play: Space Battleship Tiramisu II – Crab, can you shell yourself?” followed in December 2019. Both shows were so popular that tickets sold out instantly. The third show is scheduled to premiere at SPACE ZERO in Tokyo in October 2022.

DVD PV of the 1st show:

DVD cover:

DVD PV of the 2nd show:

DVD cover:

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Source: press release

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