Rock legend Ayub Bachchu’s 59th birthday on Monday

The rock maestro shocked the world on October 18, 2018, when he died of a tragic heart attack

Monday marks the 59th anniversary of the birth of the late rock maestro Ayub Bachchu, known and admired by music lovers as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, songwriter, musician and founding leader of the popular band LRB.

Born August 16, 1962 in Patiya, Chittagong to Ishaque Chowdhury and Nurjahan Begum, Bachchu graduated from Government Muslim High School in 1975.

He began his musical career with the group “Feelings” in 1977, where he played as lead guitarist alongside his most popular contemporary rockstar James, another rock legend from the country, for the next two years.

In 1980 he joined and continued to perform for the melodious group “Souls” alongside famous singers and musicians such as Tapan Chowdhury, Naquib Khan, Kumar Bishwajit and more, continued as the group’s lead guitarist until 1990, and eventually formed his own, full-fledged. full-fledged rock-themed group “LRB” (Love Runs Blind) in 1991.

LRB started off pretty strong with a surprise release of their first project as a double album “LRB-I” and “LRB-II”, with several of his popular songs like “Ghum Vanga Shohore”, “Shesh Chithi”, “Madhobi “and Continued. Soon LRB started to gain popularity for their tunes and presentations with balanced, guitar-based lyrics.

Although they started out as a hard rock band, LRB quickly became known for their experimentation with genres such as blues rock, soft rock and psychedelic rock; and continued to solidify its heritage as one of the pioneering heavy metal rock bands in Bangladesh. Along with Bachchu, LRB released 14 critically acclaimed albums and “Ferari Mon: Unplugged Live”, which was the first live album in Bangladesh.

The group went on to give over 1,000 concerts which included numerous performances in Bangladesh as well as tours in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States and became the only Bangladeshi group to perform at the prestigious Madison Square Garden. from New York. Overall, LRB changed the culture landscape of Bangladeshi groups under the leadership of Ayub Bachchu.

In addition to being the successful leader of LRB, Bachchu has also seen great success in his solo projects including “Rokto Golap” (1986), “Moyna” (1988) and with his hugely popular album “Koshto” (1995 ), often considered by many. like the return of a king after seven years while Bachchu was busy with LRB.

With a total of 16 solo albums, a full-fledged production house turned into a studio named ‘AB Kitchen’, many successful reads such as ” Ammajaan ”, ” Sagorika ‘,’ Ononto Prem ‘,’ Ami to Preme Porini ”and many other scores in commercial Bangladeshi films, blockbuster hit singles and group scores such as“ Koshto Pete Valobashi ”,“ Shei Tumi Keno Eto Ochena Hole ”,” Ferari Ei Monta Amar ”, ” Cholo Bodle Jai ”, ” Ekhon Onek Raat ”, ” Hashte Dekho Gaite Dekho ” and more, and inspiring musicians, from guitar enthusiasts to popular and established artists in Bangladesh and West Bengal – Ayub Bachchu created his legacy during his glorious fleeting life.

The rock maestro shocked the world on October 18, 2018, when he died of a tragic heart attack, leaving behind his beloved wife Ferdous Ayub Chandana, his daughter Fairuz Saffra Ayub, his son Ahnaf Tazwar Ayub and billions fans around the world.

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