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“Baron.” In Europe, it is a royal title. In South Florida, Baron is a band rocking the local music scene. We caught up with the quartet just before they embarked on the biggest gig of their career.

Dana Hernandez (vocals): “Well, everyone knows she’s a girl. Nobody knows what she hides behind her curls.

Darkness and light. Hard and soft. Baron is a band that mixes different styles to create their own sound.

Dana Hernandez: “Our music is kind of like this mix of goth-pop and grunge, so there’s a lot of roots in these very dark-toned guitars and heaviness, but there’s this sweetness, almost like a sweetness , like, pop voices.

We hung out with the band at the Frangione Foundation’s Modern Drummer Museum in Fort Lauderdale.

They told us that when it came to new material, it was one for all and all for one.

Ziggy Laverde: “The best songs are the result of a collaboration, so we don’t write good songs individually. We all have to collaborate on the product, and it comes out in a unique way.

The band cut their teeth playing countless gigs on the thriving SoFlo club circuit.

Ziggy Laverde: “We grew up in the Deerfield/Boca area, but there’s this really amazing scene with a lot of musicians coming out of that area, so we’ll be doing a lot of local shows. »

This scene also extends to 305.

Dana Hernandez: “But there’s actually this really nice underground grunge scene in Miami that we don’t talk about a lot.”

They’ve always been more than happy to show Miami some love with a KC and Sunshine Band classic.

Dana Hernandez (vocals): “It’s like that, uh huh, uh huh, I like that, uh huh, uh huh.”

All of their live shows finally paid off when Baron caught the attention of these guys.

Paul Stanley (vocals): “I want to rock and roll all night and party every day.”

The group was invited to come aboard for the last KISS Kruise.

Preparing for the big concert was not easy.

Dana Hernandez: “Oh my God, it’s been stressful. It was stressful and difficult.

No reason to stress. Looks like Baron really rocked the boat.

Keep your ears open. Baron plans to keep hooking up until everyone knows his name.

Dana Hernandez: “Reaching more audiences, connecting with more people, and finding more ways to get our music across to people who can relate to it.”

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