Ritchie Alonzo’s Last Banger ‘Letters’ Will Have You Playing Forever

Author: Jennifer Stone

California rapper Ritchie Alonzo is creating a buzz in the hip-hop industry with his latest single “Letters”, a hard-hitting banger that has everyone captivated.

Redefining the taste of new-age hip-hop music, Ritchie Alonzo released their brand new single ‘Letters‘. The banger is one of the most meaningful projects created by this rapper who shares his life story with him. Going through a good deal of the ups and downs in life, this hip-hop artist’s relentless nature has driven him forward and now he expresses himself through his musical creation. The rapper has masterfully represented his hurts through words in this single which acts like open letters sent to loved ones, just as the title suggests. Produced by Jmartin beats and Mix and mastered by caverecstudio; the musical arrangement of the track is groovy and engaging and does not overwhelm its emotive essence. Spitting out the truth with hard-hitting bars, this banger can surely stir up the deepest emotions in listeners.

Hailing from Carson, California, Ritchie started rapping when he was just 14 years old and slowly became one of the most seasoned rappers on the scene. The artist is greatly influenced by some of the best rappers in the industry such as Eminem, 2pac, Joyner Lucas and many more. His undeniably excellent lyrical approach, clever wordplay and smooth delivery make his bangers even more impactful and ‘Letters‘ is the best example. This latest single was also released with an official music video which helps establish the story. This rapper has already released many powerful singles like “Rayge”, “Wakin Up”, “Lyrical Massacre”, etc. to name a few. He looks forward to releasing more exquisite singles in the coming days of his prolific musical career. Follow Ritchie Alonzo on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Musicand SoundCloud learn more about his musical contributions. The rapper can also be found on instagram where you can get more updates on upcoming music releases.

Music video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YEGoxDOL9g

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