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2021 certainly has no shortage of musicals from Jon M. Chu‘s In the heights, Stephen chbosky‘s Dear Evan Hansen, Leos Carax‘s Annette, Lin Manuel Miranda‘s Tic Tic Boom, and of course Steven spielberg‘s West Side Story. The year will end with acclaimed director Joe wrighttakes the hollywood musical with Cyrano featuring Game of thrones Star Peter Dinklage.

Wright has directed a wide range of films from adaptations of classic literary works such as Pride and Prejudice and Anna karenina, prestigious Oscar winners like Atonement and Darkest hour, crowd pleaser in the form of the soloist, a gritty action thriller starring Hanna, the big budget family blockbuster Pan, and the pulpy thriller The woman at the window. He also directed the much acclaimed Black mirror Season 3 episode “Pike of the nose”. With Cyrano, Wright will attempt to revert to classic MGM musicals of yesteryear.


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When is Cyrano coming out?

After initially being scheduled for a limited release on Christmas Day before being moved to New Year’s Eve, Cyrano will now have an Oscar qualifying film week in Los Angeles on December 17th. The film will then have a limited release on January 22, 2022 before developing in the following weeks. So if you wanted to make a double Christmas feature film with a musical colleague West Side Story, you might be out of luck unless you live in the Los Angeles area. Cyrano arrives in UK theaters on January 12.

Watch the Cyrano Trailer

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the first official trailer for Cyrano. The trailer gives us a good overview of the magnificent set design and musical numbers of the film while letting us know the classic story of Cyrano de Bergerac. The trailer is set to one of the original songs from the movie “Someone To Say”, written by members of the group. The National.

Listen to the songs from the soundtrack

the Cyrano The soundtrack features vocal performances by Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Glen Hansard with music by the London Contemporary Orchestra and acclaimed pianist Víkingur Ólafsson. You can listen to the first song from the soundtrack, “Someone to Say”, in the video embedded below.

You can also watch Dinklage perform another song from the soundtrack, “Your Name,” alongside Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner on a recent the Late show with Stephen Colbert appearance.

To pre-order the soundtrack or listen to the songs currently released, visit the official website.

What is Cyrano talking about?

Cyrano is an adaptation of the musical of the same name written by Erica Schmidt (Dinklage’s wife), which in turn is based on the classic 1897 play written by Edmond Rostand. The story follows the titular Cyrano de Bergerac, a talented writer and poet who expresses doubt because of his physical appearance. Cyrano is head over heels in love with his friend Roxanne, but unfortunately for the poet, she is in love with someone else: Christian, a dashing young soldier who looks great but has little confidence in his words.

Cyrano and Christian soon come to an agreement, Cyrano will write love letters and poems to Roxanne for Jack. Combine Cyrano’s words with Jack’s looks while also helping each other overcome their own insecurities about themselves.

Cyrano Clearly has the classically romantic story to go for a musical that will likely be reminiscent of the heyday of MGM’s blockbuster music. Although this is far from the first time this story has been told on screen: the Steve martinDaryl hannah movie Roxanne comes to mind, but the musical setting will likely help the film stand out from the fray.

Who is in Cyrano?


Dinklage plays the title role of Cyrano de Bergerac, a role he created in the off-Broadway musical production written by Schmidt. Dinklage has quite a pedigree and has appeared in countless popular movies and TV shows. His most famous role is arguably Tyrion Lannister in the hugely popular HBO series. Game of thrones, a role that earned him 4 Emmy wins. He has also appeared in superhero blockbusters. Avenger: infinity war where he plays Eitri and X-Men: Days of Future Past where he played Dr Boliver Trask. Dinklage also starred in the controversial Oscar-Winner Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, the black police comedy I care a lot, the critically-criticized sci-fi action comedy Pixels, the holiday favorite Elf, and the British and American versions of the comedy Death at funeral. He has also provided his vocal talents to animated films like The Croods: A New Age, The Angry Birds movie as well as its respective suite, and Ice Age: continental drift.

After Cyrano, Dinklage will move on to play in The poisonous avenger remake to Legendary with the director Macon Blair and comedy Brothers where he will play alongside Josh brolin, Glenn Close, and the internet boyfriend Brendan Fraser, from Palm springs director Max barbakow.

Image via United Artists Releasing

Haley bennett will talk about the role of Roxanne, which she also came out of the off-Broadway production with Dinklage. Bennett has been on the verge of becoming a celebrity for some time after appearing in Antoine Fuquathe big budget remake of The Magnificent Seven alongside the bigwigs Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan hawke. She also played a major role in Tate taylorthe big screen adaptation of The girl on the train where she played opposite Emily blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Luc Evans, and Justin theroux. Next up for Bennett is Eli Roth’s long-awaited film adaptation of the video game series Borders where she will join Cate Blanchett, Kevin hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black.

Kelvin Harrison Jr will play Christian, who, unlike Dinklage and Bennett, was not part of the off-Broadway production. Harrison became a major rising star in Hollywood after starring in independent hits such as Jules Avery‘s Luce where he acted against Octavia spencer and Naomi Watts, he also played a major role in Trey Edward Shultsfamily drama Waves which also presented Sterling K. Brown, Taylor russell, Renée Ellis Baie d’Or, and Lucas hurdles. He also had a small role in last year’s Oscar contender. The Chicago 7 trial Aaron Sorkin. The next step for Harrison is his two biggest projects yet, he will join Baz Luhrmann‘s Elvis next to Tom hanks and Austin Butler like the king himself. He also embarked Oscar Winner Barry jenkinsLion King prequel to Disney where he will voice Scar in the face Aaron Peterit’s Mufasa.

The rest of the cast of Cyrano understand Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Captain marvel Star Ben mendelsohn like De Guiche, Bashir Salahuddin like Le Bret and Ray strachan like La Rae. Brian Tyree Henry was first cast for the role of Le Bret before being replaced later by Salahuddin. It’s a pretty promising cast for Cyrano which can definitely help him get more attention.

When (and where) was Cyrano filmed?

Image via United Artists Releasing

Unlike some of the other movies released this holiday season, CyranoThe release of has not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The musical was announced in August 2020 and quickly went into production two months later in October. Filming took place in Sicily, Italy, under strict COVID protocols. Wright revealed to Vanity Fair that all of the vocals in the film were done live, which has become a trend with many recent musical films.

What’s next for Joe Wright?

Wright usually always has something on his plate, in fact, Cyrano is his second film of 2021. The next step for Wright is the drama Stoner with the Oscar winner Casey Affleck in the title role with Jason blum produce. There is also In the garden of the beasts an adaptation of the best-selling non-fiction novel by Erik Larson with American father and two-time Oscar winner Tom hanks starring in the lead role of William Dodd.

Every Joe Wright movie, ranked from worst to best

With ‘Cyrano’ just around the corner, here is a ranking of the director’s classic and opulent films ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Atonement’.

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