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If it was the Prime Minister of England or the President of the United States writing letters to the powers that be, regarding certain issues, they would have dealt with those issues instantly. But the poor are on the back burner in this country.

When will it be enough? Over a thousand times, we have complained, and have also written many letters in the newspapers, about the obscene and violent music that is played on public transport – buses and taxis – and so far, nothing has been done about it. It seems nobody cares, not even our Prime Minister, who is a Seventh-day Christian.

I ask the Minister of Transport, Robert Montague, to have a meeting with the taxi and bus operators and ask them to refrain from playing the ungodly and degrading songs on public transport. Tell these people to go learn good manners and respect. Use decent and respectful people to operate public passenger transport.

Passengers should also be blamed for saying nothing about it; they seem to like violent music and immorality in this country; not knowing that they can die in accidents, when Satan’s pickneys operate these buses and taxis. Keep laughing at these warnings, until it is too late. Shame on you, passengers!


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