New benefit lets employees get loans based on work history

Although Kashable seems like a great perk to offer employees, Trav J. Walkowski, people manager at Activeloop, a technology company based in Mountain View, Calif., questions the limitations. “If it’s very small loans, it would be more like a payday loan – potentially very predatory,” Walkowski told HRD. “If it’s bigger loans, what are the terms? And what about unverifiable jobs? Things like being self-employed or working somewhere like Employmetrics that doesn’t verify. The idea is promising, but I also see a lot of potential problems with it.

Steklov also highlights the benefits of including Kashable in your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy. “Part of that inclusion is participation in financial services,” Steklov says. “While traditional banks and financial institutions simply aren’t there yet, Kashable is equipped to deliver more inclusion. About 50% of our candidates are from minorities, which is far more than the population.

In terms of representation, corporate boards have made progress with the appointment of black directors to fill 535 board seats, bringing their total to 1,919, according to ISS Corporate Solutions. Black people now make up 7.4% of directorships among companies in the Russell 3000 stock index, an increase of nearly 40% from 2020 figures. And in terms of equality, hundreds of founders , CEOs and investors have launched a coalition called Organizations for Pay Equity Now (OPEN Imperative) in hopes of ending the gender pay gap among pre-IPO start-ups by 2027.

While equal pay and fair hiring practices are certainly important, leveling the playing field in economics and finance can have a long-term impact on employees, as well as future generations. of their family.

“As HR teams deal with the issue of recruitment and retention, Kashable provides a practical solution by offering these benefits and features,” says Steklov. “Our survey results indicate that employees are more likely to stay with their employer when they have access to Kashable.”

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