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Musician Chantal Esdelle, author of Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors Edison Holder and Kenneth Charles at the book launch. –

Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors takes its reader on “a chronological journey through the history of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, noting several critical events and paying homage to key figures, such as Lennard” Spike Jones “Edwards, Carl Greenidge, Clive Bradley, Rudolph” The Hammer “Charles, Roy Cape, Pat Bishop, Raymond” Artie “Shaw, Robert Greenidge, David Davis, Ursula Tudor, Dennis” Tash “Ash, (and) Carlton” Zanda “Alexander to name a few” , indicates a press release.

Edison Holder wrote the book and it launched Oct. 27 at West Indian Tobacco Company, Champs Fleurs.

The statement added that the book examines the orchestra’s place in TT’s political and social climate and provides supporting anecdotes and testimonials.

The book details the history of the orchestra from its origins in the 1930s, its first successes, triumphs and trials until 2020, the statement added. To tell his story, he uses pictures, newspaper clippings and stories.

Edison Holder author of Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors addresses the audience at the book launch at West Indian Tobacco Company, Champs Fleurs. –

Holder is a longtime member of the group. He joined the band in 1980 and then played the double second on the band’s stage until 1991, when he emigrated to the United States, the statement said.

He has appeared in 12 Panoramas, two music festivals, and performed with the group at Carnegie Hall, Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, and the Philadelphia Academy of Music between 1987 and 1989.

He also worked as a journalist for the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian and Express.

Holder holds a bachelor’s degree in business communication from the University of Baltimore, the statement said.

At the launch, Holder said he chose the phrase ‘musical conquerors’ because’ there is a thing called ‘the aesthetics of music’ that speaks of the ability of music to connect with human senses. , and when you listen to Desperadoes play music, it always connects with people, whether it’s Bradley, Beverly or Zanda or Robert…

“It’s because when gamers play they play with (such) emotion and passion that you don’t just hear music, it connects to you. ,,

Members of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra perform at the launch of Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors, written by band member Edison Holder. Holder Edison. –

“Desperadoes not only plays music for performance, but in doing so has the ability to” capture “the hearts and minds of listeners around the world.”

Using an example from Panorama 1982 and an excerpt from a section of his book titled From Jeers to Cheers, Holder described how the group succeeded in transforming a “booed, heckled and audibly disgruntled audience” into an enthusiastic audience, according to the press release.

He also recalled that the group had rehearsed for a performance at Carnegie Hall and that the New York Pops conductor had come to hear the group practice.

“Then he said he was going to change the schedule by saying that (NY Pops) would play before (Desperadoes), then (Desperadoes) would play, then (NY Pops) would play again, and that was a good choice, because that at the end of our performance of Polovtsian Dances and Orpheus in the Underworld, the place was in turmoil, ”he said.

Holder recalled that the New York Pops conductor later told the orchestra that Desperadoes was the “Rolls Royce of classical music.”

Musician Chantelle Esdelle hosts the launch of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra book Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors written by Edison Holder. –

“Desperadoes couldn’t even perform his latest play, Blueboy (SuperBlue) Rebecca, because the audience was standing with a standing ovation for a long time,” the statement said.

He provided other examples like these in the book and said these activities were “unprecedented”.

“And that’s what Desperadoes did, and that’s why the title of the book is Musical Conquerors’… we didn’t just conquer Panorama or festival… we took on the world,” Holder said in the statement.

Desperadoes – Musical Conquerors is
available for pre-order from the group. For more information: email [email protected] or call 381-8679.

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