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Five-member rock band Radiation Invasion took Lompoc’s big win on Sunday after being declared Battle of the Teenage Band champion at the Buellton Fall Fest weekend event held on along the avenue of flags.

Students at Cabrillo High School – Mars Mohamed, 16, Jair Balderas, 16, Andy Ramirez, 17, Liana Lindsey, 16 and Steven Hubert, 15 – rocked the festival scene on Saturday and Sunday in two multi-sets. separate songs that earned them a $ 500 cash prize.

“We don’t share the money,” lead singer Liana, 16, said, “We save it.”

Echoing the group’s decision, bassist Andy, 17, explained that the money would go into “group savings” to help musicians buy additional equipment.

The Buellton Weekend Fall Festival featured dozens of local musicians, headliners and special performances from renowned and foreign bands, in addition to attractions, games and food stalls.

In addition to playing small local concerts at venues such as the Lompoc Eye on I restaurant, the festival performance was the band’s first time performing in front of a large audience where they performed music by artists Amy Winehouse, the Misfits , My Chemical Romance, Talking Heads, No Doubt and Metallica.

“It was very strange,” said lead guitarist Mars, who is also a music teacher at Certain Sparks Music in Lompoc. “It was definitely a new experience.”

Buellton to host Fall Fest weekend event November 12-14

Despite the near triple-digit Heat Index over the weekend, the teens battled with other musicians and the Santa Barbara rock band Jump Start during the fall festival, which featured dozens. of local musicians, headliners and special performances by renowned and outside artists. state groups, in addition to attractions, games and food stalls.

Encouraging young people around the world who are inspired by music to take the plunge, Mars said, “Grab a guitar and start playing. There is no better time than the present.”

The three-year-old group say they are amplified by the victory and plan to perform another show in the near future while continuing to work on original songs in the studio.

Radiation invasion 1.jpg

Teenage band Radiation Invasion performs live during their set in the Battle of the Teenage Band competition at Buellton Fall Fest on Saturday.

Radiation invasion 4.jpg

The Buellton Weekend Fall Festival featured attractions, entertainment, games and food stalls.

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