Katsuki Bakugo’s zodiac sign and how he defines it

My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo was born on April 20, which means he’s a Taurus, strong and stubborn.

The story of My hero university features Izuku Midoriya as the shonen hero, and many facets of Izuku’s personal history, bright personality, ambitions, and more are explored in detail. Much of this can be accurately described with her astrological sign, Cancer the Crab. Something similar can be said about his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo.

Katsuki Bakugo is a major supporting character in My hero university, and now he, Izuku, and Shoto Todoroki have formed an unofficial team. These three boys have all been explored in great detail and it is easy to determine if their personalities are reflected in their astrological signs. Katsuki Bakugo, for example, is a Taurus.

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Katsuki Bakugo’s personality as Taurus in My Hero Academia

katsuki bakugo in mha

Katsuki Bakugo’s birthday is April 20, which means he’s barely a Taurus – an earth sign represented by a bull. Oddly enough, he was born a day too late to be Aries, the first astrological sign, and in many ways Bakugo is more of an Aries than a Taurus. Aries is a fire sign, defined by passion and energy, and Aries is known for their ambition, aggressiveness, impatience, pride, and eagerness, which makes them quite similar to Leo, another sign. of fire. Bakugo could be considered an Aries / Taurus hybrid based on his date of birth and actual personality. However, if the astrological tradition is strictly observed, it must ultimately be classified under the Taurus category.

Still, the Taurus sign isn’t completely inaccurate with Katsuki Bakugo’s character. He may feel more like an Aries, but he also has Taurus traits, starting with stubbornness and absolute diligence. Bakugo idolizes All Might, as does Izuku, and Bakugo is recklessly determined to succeed All Might as New Hero # 1. However, while Bakugo has Aries-style aggressiveness on his side, he also has the diligence of a Taurus, and he’s perfectly willing to spend three years studying at the famous UA school to learn what he needs.

Bakugo understands that there is a formal process to all of this, and he can temper his impatience and aggressiveness long enough to take the necessary legwork to learn and grow. Even though Bakugo was born with serious talent and a good Quirk, he knows he has to train and learn patiently as a student, and nothing can stop him. As a true Taurus bull, Bakugo has resolved to stubbornly and surely forge his way towards his goal, and any obstacle will be overcome in no time at all.

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In some ways however, Bakugo contradicts his Taurus sign as he is rarely seen seeking earthly pleasure and is not known to be a patient mediator or a family-oriented person. In fact, he is openly hostile to his mother and seems to have few hobbies. Unlike other Taurus, Bakugo is not known to relax and enjoy a bubble bath or a good meal. He’s too obsessed with his goals for that.

The Taurus moments of Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo has had many Aries and Taurus moments in the history of My hero university, with his many Taurus moments serving to balance his fierce Aries traits. making it a bit friendlier over time. As a young boy, Bakugo was definitely more Taurus than Aries, being a fun-loving kid who knew what he wanted and how to get it, and his relationship with Izuku was much healthier. Now the Taurus side of Bakugo is the exception and welcome.

Bulls are known to enjoy simple and mundane pleasures, from favorite books to meals and baths, and of course Bakugo has character traits going for him, such as his surprisingly good cooking skills. He amazed his classmate Ochaco Uraraka with his superb knife skills and culinary expertise during the forest training arc, for example, and he was diligent and attentive to household chores in the UA dormitories during his stay and that. Izuku over there. Bakugo also happily joined Kyoka Jiro’s musical group as a drummer, proving that as a true Taurus he can relax and have fun, savoring the ordinary pleasures of life. He didn’t even do this for fame or accolades – a rarity for him. Instead, it was Kyoka Jiro who stole the show.

Katsuki Bakugo learned the value of patience in the story of My hero university, and his reckless conduct has moderated somewhat. He’s accepted several internships and diligently studied under the watchful eyes of professional heroes, including the flamboyant Endeavor, and Bakugo is equally diligent in his homework. Remarkably, it ranks in the top five in Class 1-A, and only a patient, study-oriented Taurus could hit the books and get grades like that. He also generously and patiently helped tutor Eijiro Kirishima.

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