Horned frogs in the news, August 15-August. 25

August 27, 2021

From TikTok to the bobbleheads and from Delaware to Afghanistan, TCU and its faculty, alumni and students are making headlines. Check out the latest roundup of horned frogs of interest.


3 Dallas-Fort Worth universities gain glamor and prestige on new list of top schools in Texas
August 19, 2021
CultureDallas Map
Neighborhood review site Niche.com just released this year’s college rankings, which draws on US Department of Education data coupled with reviews from students, alumni, and parents. current to judge U.S. colleges on 12 factors including academics, campus, dorm life, and faculty. TCU ranked n ° 6.


Booster injection could be on the horizon for J&J COVID-19 vaccine recipients
25 August 2021
With the delta variant spreading rapidly in North Texas, experts say booster shots are essential. “I think we all anticipated this, even last year, because we knew we weren’t going to be able to fully curve the curve here in the United States and around the world by September of this year. “, said Dr Mohanakrishnan Sathyamoorthy, professor and president of internal medicine.

International Academies for Newcomers Offer Classes on How to Catch Up Quickly to Children Learning English
25 August 2021
The morning news from Dallas
As many schools had been in operation for practically so long, some students who needed the intense help of schools for newcomers failed to do so, said Steve przymus, assistant professor of bilingual / multicultural education. So what happened to these students during the pandemic matters, he noted. “For me that was one of the biggest challenges: asking myself where they were; what access they had to schooling; who knew them; and who contacted them, ”said Przymus.

Job seekers turn to TikTok but experts warn there could be a downside
August 24, 2021
While most companies and recruiters always suggest that you have a single-sheet resume, some job seekers turn to TikTok, which changes the job search. Jessica cates, Director of TCU’s Career Center at Neeley School of Business, does not recommend the platform to her students. She is concerned that this could hurt candidates later. “While that may be relevant right now… when I’m trying to get a professional role in an office in 15 years, it will still be with me and maybe not what I’m trying to portray. Cates said.

Report Highlights COVID-19 Learning Loss in Fort Worth Schools
August 24, 2021
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
The COVID-19 pandemic caused students in all parts of Fort Worth to lose ground, from the richest to the poorest communities, last year, according to a new report from an education advocacy group from Fort Worth. Michael Faggella-Luby, a special education professor and director of the Alice Neeley Special Education Research and Service Institute, said the report clearly shows that the pandemic has caused educational setbacks for all kinds of students. But Faggella-Luby, who was not part of the research, said it’s important to remember that there are groups of students who have been affected much more than the numbers in the report show.

Riddlesperger talks about evacuation from Afghanistan
23 Aug 2021
President Biden has come under heavy criticism over the evacuation in Afghanistan. To help us sort it out, we bring professor of political science Jim riddlesperger. “I don’t think there is any doubt that the logistics of our departure from Afghanistan were not handled well. Not only not optimally, but there were a number of mistakes that made it more chaotic than it needed to be, ”he said.

A Barbados-born American surgeon named Delaware History Maker
August 19, 2021
The nation (Barbados)
Transplant surgeon, born in Barbados, USA Dr Velma Scantlebury, professor of surgery at the TCU and at the faculty of medicine of the UNTHSC, won another award. Scantlebury, who is widely recognized as the first African-American female surgeon to specialize in transplant surgery in the United States in 1989, was recently honored by the State of Delaware with the Delaware History Makers Award, becoming the only African-American woman to be named Delaware Creator of History.

15 tips for conserving water at home
August 19, 2021
High temperatures and low water levels have pushed many parts of the country, from California to Maine, into drought conditions. As a result, people in some places, such as parts of California, face mandatory water restrictions. In other places, including parts of Minnesota, they have been asked to water lawns less frequently and during cooler hours. “Water is a precious resource,” said Michael C. Slattery, Chairman of the Department of Environmental Sciences. One person can make a big difference, he adds, since the average American uses about 100 gallons of water per day.


Cheeky young team gives birth to cute new restaurant on Dallas’ Greenville Avenue on August 23, 2021
CultureDallas Map
Dallas is getting a fancy new restaurant with the imminent opening of Rye, a seasonal small plate restaurant and cocktail bar founded in McKinney that will open a second location on Greenville Avenue this week. Rye comes from a young team led by Tanner Agar ’14, a TCU graduate and genius who won the first try when he opened Rye at McKinney in 2017.

Rollin ‘N Bowlin’ Establishes Mentorship and Grants Program for University Entrepreneurs
August 19, 2021
Fort Worth Business Press
Rollin ‘n Bowlin’, a premium brand of smoothies and healthy acai foods, has officially launched its mentorship and grant program called ‘Bowls n Goals’ for students with start-up businesses. “Sophia (Karbowski) ’17 and I started Rollin ‘n Bowlin’ as a food truck when we were business management students at TCU and while we may no longer have this truck, we have extended the brand to include window cafes, e-commerce and retail, ”said the co-founder Austin Patry ’17.
This topic was also featured in Dallas Innovates.


Meet the students of Next on Stage: Cari Walton talks about his return to Roxie Hart during the competition
August 24, 2021
We’re announcing our Next on Stage: Dance Edition Season 2 winners this week! But before doing so, we discuss with the competitors of the final. Competitor Curry walton, a second year student, shares more about her charity, what musical theater means to her and how moved she was to see The Phantom of the Opera! “Not only was my college education at TCU made possible by my love for the profession, but this love has also been the main driving force in my entire life,” she said.

How Retail Jobs Helped These Students Advance Their Fashion Careers
August 24, 2021
Fashionista College
Kimberlyn moore, a second year art history student and former Urban Outfitter sales associate, has developed time management and work efficiency since entering her first sales job. “I noticed that when I was in the sales area at Urban, it really helped me overcome my shyness and it made me more outgoing… I felt like I could talk to n ‘Anyone, just by being on the sales floor and trying to get customers to buy things, ”she said.


“It was their choice. Men’s TCU basketball 100% vaccinated, coach Jamie Dixon says
August 24, 2021
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Men’s basketball TCU program is 100% vaccinated, coach Jamie Dixon noted. “It was their decision. It was their choice, ”Dixon said. “I think they wanted to be healthy and be ready to play basketball this season with as few interruptions as possible.”

Philadelphia Eagles star Super TCU receives bobblehead treatment
August 19, 2021
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
A new limited edition bobblehead from the old big Horned Frogs Jalen reagor is available for pre-order on FOCO.com. Reagor, who was a two-time All-American in his four years at TCU, was a 2020 Philadelphia Eagles first-round pick.

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