Ha Sung Woon Plays With Fire In FOCUS Title Song Music Video From Latest Album Strange World – WATCH

And it’s finally here! Fans have been waiting for Ha Sung Woon’s new album for a very long time and now that it’s been released, they can’t contain their excitement. The singer announced his new album a while ago and fans have been anticipating it ever since.

Sung Woon’s latest album titled, strange world was released today, August 24, along with an exciting music video for the title track, TO CONCENTRATE. It’s his first comeback in nine months and it has to be said that the wait was worth it.

“FIRE” is how to describe the music video. The singer managed to ignite the fire of passion not only in the MV, but also lit the flames in the hearts of his fans. While the teaser photos featured him in a rather sweet and calm avatar, the MV, on the other hand, contrasts him completely. It literally exudes a different charm.

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Ha Sung Woon will enlist for compulsory military service in September confirms the agency

Ha Sung Woon will enlist for compulsory military service in September, agency confirms

Dressed in an all-black, cowboy-themed outfit, Ha Sung Woon shows off her moves effortlessly. Her dancing is sure to have you tapping your feet too. Later, when seen in the red costume, it will become nearly impossible to take your eyes off of him.

With a rhythmic, distinctive synthesizer and a tantalizing melodic hook, the title track is sure to be a pop hit. But now, let’s wait no longer and take a look at the music video we’ve been talking about so much.

Meanwhile, strange world is his seventh mini-album. It features 5 songs in total, including the title track TO CONCENTRATE, What do you think?, Sea, baby blue, Too little, too late (Duet with JAMIE), and Day light.

This is Ha Sung Woon’s last album before he enlisted in the military for compulsory service. The singer will join on September 5.

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