Gear review: 30th anniversary of the Screadelica Fender Stratocaster

If you were listening to music in the 90s or just a fan of good dance music, you probably already know Screamadelica. If you only hear about it now, you should definitely check it out. Primal Scream’s studio album received universal critical acclaim at the time and was often named one of the best albums of the 1990s in various polls. To prove a point, it has sold over three million copies worldwide. Fender commemorates this historic recording with a 30th Anniversary Screadelica Stratocaster with the look and sound that brings everything back to where the sound began.

What did that Screamadelica so famous? It was the third studio album by Scottish rock band Primal Scream and featured a new mix of indie-rock songwriting and acid house-inspired production. But this record was different. A truly unique sound, the album was a significant departure from the band’s early indie-rock roots, orienting their sound more towards the burgeoning house music scene with all the associated drugs such as LSD and MDMA of the time. Much of the production on the album was handled by acid house DJ Andrew Weatherall and engineer Hugo Nicolson, who remixed the original recordings made by the band into a few dance-oriented killer tracks. The combination of great songs, new sounds and dance made this record one of the most important of its time and a classic.

Fender’s timely tribute to this important slice of rock and roll history is their limited edition Screamadelica 30th Anniversary Stratocaster featuring a one-of-a-kind graphic of stunning red, yellow and blue album covers, offset with a matching pickguard. , pickup covers, and buttons. It sounds crazy, but it’s also packed with cool features, like its vintage-voiced Alnico V single-coil pickups with an extraordinary range of tones.

In addition to the Alnico V pickups, this guitar offers players a modern C-shaped maple neck with an attractive Pau Ferro fingerboard with medium jumbo frets and a 9.5 inch radius. Pau Ferro has some advantages over traditional neck materials that you might consider. It has a tighter density than rosewood, which means a little less frequency is absorbed into the neck. The result is a slightly brighter tone, while retaining the depth of the typical rosewood patterns. The feel of Pau Ferro is comparable to that of ebony, which means that it offers guitarists an easy and smooth playing experience. To take that 60s-style Stratocaster tone to new heights, players get a 2-point synchronized tremolo. A personalized Screamadelica neck plate and deluxe carry bag complete the set.

All of the features of the Screamadelica help match the modern playability of this limited-edition commemorative guitar with its bold look of the era. So you shouldn’t be surprised when people stop and watch. Consider putting on this well-appointed, limited-edition tribute to rock history Screamadelica era in your collection for the retail price of $ 1,049.99.

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