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PALMER LAKE • In an effort to raise awareness and appreciation for the Palmer Lake Police Department, the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts is hosting a Benefit Jazz Concert with a Familiar Face.

Flying Circus, a smooth jazz quartet of seasoned musicians, will perform on November 13 at the center of Palmer Lake. The event is a benefit concert to help the Palmer Lake Police Department, but also to help raise awareness and appreciation of the department’s service to the city, said TLCA Executive Director Dr. Michael Maddox.

Flying Circus is run by drummer Tracy Quinn, a former Palmer Lake police officer. A few years ago, when Quinn was still a department officer, he approached Maddox about his blues band, which was performing at the center at the time.

“I wanted to do something with him, but the center was very reserved at the time and later we had to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Maddox said. “As soon as we reopened, I still had this idea in mind.”

Recently, Maddox asked Quinn if he would be willing to schedule a performance of Flying Circus as a benefit concert for the department. Quinn totally agreed, Maddox said.

“These musicians are fantastic,” said the executive director. “I think everyone will appreciate it, and the Palmer Lake cops I spoke to are delighted.”

Quinn is a veteran musician of many styles and his last venture was the Tracy Quinn Blues Band in Colorado Springs. Flying Circus is also made up of Robert Booker, a talented jazz, rock and blues guitarist, on lead and rhythm guitar. Joe Kaiser, a fellow pianist with extraordinary composition skills, is the group’s pianist and keyboardist. Peter McGrath, lead guitarist for many years on bass, is the band’s bassist; and Kerry Paige, with many years of experience behind her horn in a variety of styles, plays the saxophone.

Flying Circus formed in June 2020 and is based in Colorado Springs. With all the members from different and diverse musical backgrounds, the band was already recording their first demo, “Cleared for Takeoff”, in October of last year. Flying Circus plans to return to the studio before the end of this year to record its second release.

Maddox said TLCA and its clients are keen to show their appreciation to the local law enforcement agency. The director has used officers on leave in the past to provide security for some of the centre’s most high-profile events. In addition, Maddox wanted to help supplement the department’s funding for “the equipment we desperately need,” he said.

Palmer Lake Staff Sgt. Michael Carroll couldn’t say for sure which gig the profits would go to, but with the department’s limited budget, his needs include new mounts for body-worn cameras, maintenance of aging patrol vehicles, uniforms. and maybe even ink for the office printer, he said.

“The list could go on and on,” Carroll said. “This event is a very special help for our department. Proceeds from such a benefit help the ministry secure basic necessities that would normally be on a wish list until funds are available.

Carroll said the department receives donations from time to time and is sometimes the benefactor of similar events, but nothing of this caliber.

“Dr. Maddox is a strong supporter of the police department, and we cannot thank him enough for allowing this concert to take place on site,” said Sgt.

Three years ago, Maddox contacted Palmer Lake Police to ask what his main needs were for the department. At the time, she needed help funding new batteries for her road signs, which let motorists know their speed when driving into town. Maddox helped raise $ 300 for the batteries.

“We have always done what we could to support the police department,” Maddox said.

In addition, Maddox has asked city hall administrators to add a “click button” to the Town of Palmer Lake website, where patrons can also visit and donate money to the police department. He said the center plans to announce its availability to the benefactors of the benefit concert.

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