Expenses of a credit redemption or debt consolidation

What are the costs of buying back Portias?

Of course, the costs directly related to the loan are only due in case of a good end. These fees include:

– the administrative fees of the lending Portia institution;
– the fees and expenses of Notaries if the loan is accompanied by a mortgage;
– the costs of a potential Portia repurchase broker

These fees are included in the refinancing and detailed on the prior Portia buyback offer.

The necessary and indispensable expenses in a Portia redemption

In addition to the interest rates that the organization will deduct on your monthly repayments, irremediable costs are added to your loans. For example, one can distinguish the unwavering expenses of files and the expenses of insurances . The former often take the form of a fixed amount of up to a few hundred euros (especially if we add brokerage fees) and the latter a percentage that supplements the borrowing rate to form the rate. Global Effective (TEG).

To these costs are also added the costs of the prepayment penalties concluded after validation of your request to buy Portias and deducted on your monthly payments.

In which case are the costs of files remediable?

The expenses of files of a repurchase of Portia must in no case be deducted from your loans at the moment when you appeal to a broker in grouping of the debts, the charges will not be debited to you after validation of your file.

Similarly, if you just make a request for study, or following a refusal of your request, no fee will be required. So a broker’s fees are only deductible when your application is granted.

What about real estate loan redemption fees?

As part of an immo loan, real estate loan redemption fees can over time save you from having to pay a small fortune. Do you imagine, when you make a loan, to pay double? This is what happens if you subscribe to an immo long-term loan at a bad rate without buying it back to lower the TEG effectively. Real estate loan redemption fees can be expensive, several hundred euros, but you will save thousands over a few years.

Negotiable filing fees

Fees can only be negotiated if your file is acceptable. They are also debatable if the criteria are suitable for the loan agency. Note that the cost of a loan redemption account represents 1% of loans

Death and disability insurance costs, not to be neglected

In unexpected cases such as death, sick leave, temporary incapacity … it is the insurer who will ensure the payment of your remaining monthly payments. The cost of buying a loan is calculated based on the risks you incur.

From 0.17% to 0.8%, the amount intended for the insurer is determined from the total loans initially acquired either from your outstanding balance.

If you have questions about Portia redemption fees , feel free to ask them about our Portia redemption forum.

Is there a fee to pay if my Portia surrender is declined or canceled?

No. In case of failure and even in case of withdrawal on your part, you have absolutely nothing to pay. All services performed by the broker are then completely free and the costs incurred by the latter (with the exception of the fixed and optional contribution to the postage of your documents in postage stamps that you gave him at the start)

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