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Employee Portia purchase

As a civil servant, you can benefit from additional Portia offers at your mutual insurance company. In addition, did you know that Portia consolidating institutions provide benefits to public sector employees? These include the official Portia redemption. This advantage is based on the guarantee of a stable job related to your status. The lenders take this into account.

Also, if you want to make a Portia repurchase official, we offer on the one hand to check your situation using our tool. On the other hand, we compare for free the various offers of the market to offer you the most relevant. Through the lines that follow, learn a little more about this financial package.

The interest of the Portia union for civil servants

The benefits mentioned relate to all types of loan redemptions such as: loan renegotiation and redesign, loan consolidation and overall financial restructuring. It is possible to find preferential offers in the field of mortgage and consumer Portia

Today, all French households can enjoy the benefits of Portia redemption ; that is to say to leave a difficult financial situation, even precarious. But only public servants are entitled to special benefits such as the repurchase of Portia official. It is indeed their financial stability that reassures the banks.

Update for 2018 : our simulator has been improved to take into account the special status of civil servants. Now you can compare all the best online Portia repurchase offers online through our official Portia repurchase comparator! The offers put forward by our comparison tool remain without commitment. In general, they reach you for free within 48 hours. You remain free to subscribe or not. And if you wish, you can be contacted by an expert to better understand the contours of the operation.

A quality clientele for Portia redemption organizations

Portia redemption organizations particularly appreciate the job security of public sector employees.

These latter therefore have advantages included in the repurchase of Portia official. These are mainly renegotiation and reorganization of loans, Portia consolidation and overall financial restructuring.

State officials, Territorial Communities, the hospital civil service and the European civil service have advantages in the purchase of official Portia, whether they are:

– Holders
– Interns with guarantee of tenure
– Non incumbents with job guarantee
– Auxiliaries under contract (according to the seniority, the duration of the current contract and the prospects within the public establishment)

The assimilated officials also enjoy the benefits for the granting of a repurchase Portia official.

Who are the assimilated officials?

 The assimilated officials are employees participating in a public service mission or working in public bodies (ANPE, URSSAF, Caisse des Depots and Consignations, Météo France, CNES, CNRS, INRA, commissioner for atomic energy, ONF, Opera House). Paris …) or in public companies whose capital is wholly or partly owned by the State (EDF GDF, RATP, SNCF, AIR France, Aéroports de Paris, France Television, Social Security Funds …).

Thanks to the advantages granted to civil servants by the Portia buy-back organizations, the offers of financing are very wide:

– Purchase of real estate Portia; with or without mortgage; at fixed or revisable rates

_ consolidation of consumer Portias
– Real estate loan renegotiation (change from a revisable rate to a fixed rate in particular)
– overall financial restructuring

– real estate loans
– consumer Portias
– cash loans

Clarification :
It should be noted that loans and the various forms of debt restructuring for civil servants are also open to workers posted outside metropolitan France. This concerns the repurchase of real estate loan and the consolidation of consumer Portia.

Despite the job security of public servants, it can sometimes happen that they face financial difficulties or need funding for projects.

Their job security does not put them out of harm’s way. In practice, civil servants have projects for which they have taken loans at their bank. Sometimes, because of the charges, they can not repay their monthly payments. In some cases, this is due to the decline in purchasing power, and therefore to the country’s economic situation.

Indeed, the fall in their purchasing power creates a fragile financial situation; which also has an impact on the financing of their current or future projects. This is why some public servants opt for the redemption of government Portia to better manage their budget and to overcome the various financial problems they have. By filling out the form we are providing you, you may have some clues about the repurchase of official Portia that you want to make.

Portia redemption is a simple and effective solution that allows you to continue to realize other projects that are important to you. From now on, you will pay only one monthly payment; and over a period of time determined by negotiation with the Portia repurchase body.

The main advantage of the redemption of public Portia is that the person concerned can merge all his Portias to pay only one monthly payment, without changing banks.

Thanks to the more than positive results recorded, loans, as well as Portia redemptions officials, are very flexible.

Are the loan consolidation offers for public servants the same?

The groupings of loans offered to civil servants and the like are the same:

  • repurchase of public Portia including the purchase of Portias for owners. Valid for consolidation of real estate loans and / or redevelopment of consumer loans
  • repurchase of Portia for tenants lodged by the family or the employer

In addition to the advantage of “scoring”, that is to say at the level of the objective assessment of risk by the financier, the formula “repurchase Portia officer with amicable transfer on wages” allows to have fixed rates the most competitive.

It should be remembered that civil servants and similar civil servants are favored by Portia and loan buy-back organizations because of the job security they enjoy.

The repurchase of civil servants has been specially designed for those who have difficulty managing their budget.

In addition, offers of consolidation of loans for officials are very flexible: the socio-professional category of civil servants is given large majority in respect of the repayments of Portias.

Easily obtain a repurchase of official Portia

If you want to easily get a Quick Employee Loan buyout , you need:

  • To be an official
  • To be in post
  • Have a stable income

Public servants enjoy a special status with banks and organizations for obtaining loans or Portia buy-backs. If you are not a public servant or on a permanent contract, the financial organizations will be more reluctant to practice a buyback operation. This due to the few guarantees offered.

This job security offers public servants the opportunity to accumulate more debt than a private individual. It also allows them to take out other loans – or a buy-back Portia – despite a high debt ratio.
Also, from our simulator Portia repurchase official , discover the offers put forward that can meet your needs.

These Portia offers often made not specialized lending agencies, however, may be offered by a mutual for officials. Explaining the low rate of Portia granted.

As you will have understood, there are several benefits to public servants with regard to loans .
They can easily get a real estate mortgage buy-back for public servants. Such funding would   the purchase of a new or old house or apartment.

The purchase of Portia for civil servants offers very low interest rates and therefore more attractive. This makes it more flexible and more efficient compared to other types of Portia redemption.

Cautions Regarding Consolidation of Employee Loans


To avoid a situation of overindebtedness, one should take precautions: having facilities to obtain Portia does not equate to having facilities to repay it. Your ability to repay depends heavily on your expenses, your projects and especially your financial management. Perform a simulation at the top of the page in order to have the heart net and ask for your purchase of Portia by controlling your situation.

Already in a debt situation? Avoid over-indebtedness and get out of debt: If you are already struggling to cope with all your monthly payments, consolidating employee loans could be the solution. It allows you to collect all your monthly payments in one, which offers several advantages:

  • you only have one contact
  • you only pay a single monthly payment regardless of the different loans contracted
  • you can benefit from a better repayment period
  • you can renegotiate the rate of your consolidated Portias

These Portia repurchase solutions are also suitable for ficp employees wishing to exit the file and regain a better financial health. Just like a loan application, you can compare the different buy offers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Preferential status for banks

Employed in the state or territorial public service, your quality has allowed you to obtain loans more easily compared to private sector workers. Also, this preferential status is itself a guarantee for the banks. This explains why, in general, they have preferential treatment for officials who apply for Portias.

The procedure for a repurchase of Portia for official

You are entitled, under certain conditions, to the refinancing of your debts or to the repurchase of a loan in progress. This operation, called the Official Portia Redemption allows you to get a buy at the best rate.

In fact, when one has accumulated several loans (work loan, personal loan, revolving Portia or revolving, etc.), the average rate of the loans contracted is often very high. For example, revolving Portias, these revolving money reserves, are often granted at a very high interest rate.

The Employee Loan Consolidation procedure allows you to consolidate all of your Portias while benefiting from a buyback with a lower interest rate overall. Your loan consolidation loan official is therefore cheaper. In addition, the lengthening of the repayment period significantly reduces your monthly payments. The repurchase of Portia official is the insurance to find your good financial health lost.

Establishment of a group of official loans

You can start by filling in the form available at the top of the page to submit your request. Thereafter, you will receive an offer as soon as possible. Thanks to our comparator, we are able to sort the different offers of grouping of loans official to retain only the most relevant. Thus, you can get a buy at the best possible rate .

Public Service Employee, What are the Benefits?

We are dealing here with the specific case of civil servants or public service employees.

Thanks to the stability of the job, asking for a repurchase of official Portia is simpler, compared for example to a buyback tradesman / craftsman.

A repurchase Portia official will benefit from a quick agreement with a bank with regard to this professional category.

That said, it happens to the officials to encounter financial difficulties, which is why there is a repurchase of Portia official.

The government Portia buyback offers feature quite wide panel with many benefits. It is possible to find several formulas.

An employee loan redemption request is made as a classic request for Portia redemption. It is therefore possible to mount the file in the same way.

Among the proposed formulas, there are: the repurchase Portia official for the real estate r, the repurchase Portia official of loans in the course of the consumption. But the major advantage of the Portia repurchase official is the solution called ” scoring “. It allows the Portiaor to view the repayment capacity of the loan applicant by assigning a rating based on several criteria.

Another formula helps to limit the risks of insolvency at source. It is the repurchase Portia officer with amicable salary transfer. On the one hand the Portiaor has an optimal guarantee; and for the borrower on the other hand, it provides him with fixed and much more competitive rates.

If you are a civil servant practicing in the territories and departments of overseas, you benefit from a repurchase Portia employee under the same conditions as a metropolitan. There is however an exception: for the repurchase of Portia real estate official; if it is mortgage or bonded, the property must be located on the metropolitan territory.

In addition, if you are a contract holder of the state with a significant seniority, you can also claim a Portia repurchase official . The Portiaor does not take a real risk given the state care. Scoring also provides an additional guarantee for the operation.

Why subscribe to a special employee loan consolidation?

As the name suggests, the government employee buyout is especially for public service workers. They have the right to have lending facilities and Portia surrender facilities, which banks grant them.

This repurchase of Portia allows any person who works as a civil servant, whether owner or tenant, to benefit from the regrouping of his Portias; but also a new loan.

A public service worker has the opportunity to apply for new Portias while consolidating his Portias. It can refinance this repurchase of Portia in partner banks by mortgaging its immo assets (if it has any). But due to abusive use of consumer Portia, officials can also be registered with FICP. If this is the case, despite their status, they can no longer rely on banks or specialized institutions to obtain Portia. The solution would be to remove the file before.

The benefits of dedicated funding for civil servants

Many are the advantages of the Portia repurchase official for people who have a civil servant status. In practice, it is the same for retired officials . For example, there is funding for civil servants to buy new or old homes; or the purchase of land with the construction of a house.

Affiliation to this Portia buyback helps you to make loans in different areas depending on the case. For example, there is the 0% loan, the social home loan with the help of the state, the official loan and the transfer loan. With this formula, we can also carry out work and a buyback operation.

The repurchase of Portia civil servant is a good opportunity for all the workers of the public service to find a better financial health and live serenely. The advantages offered by the repurchases of public appropriations are very different and varied. To find the right formula, it is highly advisable to go through a broker and use a comparator to buy Portia official to cross offers.

Our offer for managers and officials

Are you an executive or a public servant and want to redeem Portia? We can help you find the best deal. For this, we offer you free of charge our Portia comparison comparator which will allow you to receive many offers. At this stage, there is no commitment on your part and you are put in touch with the various lending institutions. Then you will only compare the offers on different criteria, then select the one that suits you best.

Executives and officials are likely to be accepted because they generally have financial stability. Note however that your situation (hosted by a third party, tenant or owner) will affect the acceptance of your loan consolidation file.

When simulating a buy-out of a master Portia or official, please ensure that you enter the correct information in order to obtain an answer adapted to your situation.

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