Coheed and Cambria release music video for new song “Shoulders”

Coheed and Cambria release music video for new song

American progressive rock group Coheed and Cambria released the “artistic” clip for the first single from their tenth album titled “Shoulders.” The song follows their non-album single “Jessie Girl 2” featuring Australian-American musician Rick Springfield who fell last year.

The track opens with an electric guitar solo before aggressive industrial rock production kicks in. Frontman Claudio SanchezThe soft voice of is able to clearly articulate the song’s message about combating non-compliance with societal norms or trends.

“In art, in your career, in your relationships…” Sanchez said of the song’s significance in a press release. “No matter how much of yourself or how much you try, you have to accept that not everything in life can be perfect.”

The “Shoulders” clip takes place in what appears to be an open industrial space or sort of warehouse. The four members of the group wear white overalls. As the group performs the song, human figures covered in red cloth from head to toe emerge from the floor of a box-shaped container, also covered in red cloth. Closer to the end of the video, the characters unmask and reveal their faces before dropping their masks to the ground. The masks eventually turn into a splash of red paint just before they hit the ground.

The group will participate in a headlining tour with rock band The occasion later this month which will run until the end of September. They will also be making an appearance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI on September 9.

“Shoulders” and its music video are now out.

Photo credit: Boston Lynn Schulz


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