CHOICES, A ROCK OPERA hits the Westchester stage

“Choices: A Rock Opera,” written and directed by Armonk resident John Krupa and produced by Choices A Rock Opera, Inc., an independent production company, tells the story of a 1980s ultrapdriver singer wearing spandex, lacquered rock band called “Choices”.

Although his intense focus won the band success, he also left the lead singer (played by the famed Broadway star MiG Ayesa) cocooned, emotionally underdeveloped and devoid of any real experience beyond the stage. When he finally meets an intriguing woman (played by veteran singer and actress Layla Davias) who introduces him to the wide world beyond what he’s ever known, he soon realizes he has a monumental choice. to do.

Encouraged by his cheerful bandmates (played by Joe Leo and Nick Celio) and a mysterious character (played by Krupa) who claims to be the only person capable of bringing the singer to stardom, it seems that Singer initially chose that way, only to quickly give up his life of rock and roll debauchery for that of domestic bliss. The choice he soon makes doesn’t go his way and he sinks to new lows. Even slapped conversations from friends (“Best Friend” played by Christina Labrador) and fans present the moral center of the story, that not all choices work out the way you plan, but that doesn’t make them remorseful. choices.

Choices: A Rock Opera is a collaborative effort between Krupa and a group of professional musicians with over 150 years of combined experience working with top talent in the music industry. The group includes Artie Dillon, Hank DeCora, Mike Rosenman, Tommy Vinton and Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer/musician/composer Bill Wittman. Krupa and Music Director Rosenman are thrilled to have the world premiere of Choices: A Rock Opera in front of family and friends at the state of the art Whippoorwill Hall in their hometown of Armonk, NY.

Choice: A rock opera is composed entirely of original material and is a true opera with lyrics set to rock instrumentation consisting of beautiful melodies juxtaposed with heavy metal guitar playing and screaming synthesizers. It’s different from other musicals of that era, because it’s not a parody, but an introspective and authentic portrayal of that historic moment. This vibrant and exciting period of rock music from the 1980s will be brought to life on stage right here in Westchester at Whippoorwill Hall. Some spectators will relive their adolescence while others will receive a history lesson during a rock concert. The story is the music.

The show’s goal is to reach the Broadway stage in the near future.

Written and Directed by John Krupa

Produced by Choices A Rock Opera, Inc.

Music by John Krupa, Artie DillonMike Rosenman, Tommy Vinton and Bill Wittman

Featuring MiG AyesaLayla Davias, Nick Celio, Joe Leo and Christina Labrador

With costumes and props by Dawn Weinstein, lighting by Zachary Dulny, sound by Chris Grajewski, production management by Dana DelTreste and stage management by Danielle Masterson. The show team is completed by Miguel Cruz, Abigail Krupa, Olivier Plamadon and Katie Thorn.

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