Carlos Barbosa-Lima, 77, dies; Extended range of classical guitar

“People say ‘Don’t listen to this album, you’ll burn your guitar’,” he said.

Mr. Barbosa-Lima first played in the United States in 1967. Soon after, in Madrid, he met Spanish classical guitar master Andrés Segovia. He was playing classical repertoire at the time and, Mr Del Casale said, it was Segovia who advised him not to be afraid to follow his own instincts and apply his classical techniques to Brazilian music, jazz , to pop or whatever he wanted. After that, Mr. Del Casale said, “He took off his tuxedo, put on a nice Hawaiian shirt, and that was it.”

Mr. Barbosa-Lima taught at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in the 1970s and at the Manhattan School of Music in the 1980s. He lived in Puerto Rico for a while, but since about 2000, Mr. Del Casale, he had no permanent address; he had basically been on the road full time.

He is survived by one sister, Maria Christina Barbosa-Lima. A brother, Luiz, died in 1973.

Mr. Barbosa-Lima’s latest record, “Delicate”, a tribute to Brazilian music made with M. Del Casale and others, was released in 2019. “This music is romantic, joyful and surprisingly accessible given the complexity of some arrangements”, Sliding magazine wrote in a review.

Mr. Del Casale remained in awe of his mentor even as he played alongside him.

“The color palette he took from the instrument – ​​he could paint a picture with that guitar,” he said.

Mr. Barbosa-Lima once described his technique in a video interview. “I like the guitar to be with me, you know? he said. “Not me against the guitar.”

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