Brontë Fall’s Teri Bracken Talks Urbana’s New Music And Upcoming Performance

Connecting to music has always been easy for Teri Bracken, the force behind indie-pop band Brontë Fall.

Growing up in Chicago, Bracken said he heard singing in his house from an early age.

“I’ve always loved music since I was born,” Bracken said.

Bracken learned that music was more than a thing she loved when she joined an orchestra in high school.

She went to college at the Berklee School of Music knowing she would follow her musical passions and further explore her talents, she said.

“All musical parts of me could flourish, not just classical music,” Bracken said.

Bracken moved to Chicago after school, where she started a band with her best friend. This group became Brontë Fall.

The name Brontë Fall was inspired by the Brontë sisters. Bracken said she remembered they were initially rejected by publishers because they were female, so they changed their names to male pseudonyms to be accepted by society.

While reading the poem “Fall Leaves Fall” by Emily Brontë, Bracken said she fell in love with the metaphor of discovering beauty in winter.

“For me, music is about constantly finding the silver lining throughout life,” Bracken said.

“Winter”, Brontë Fall’s latest album, will be released on March 4.

Bracken originally wrote this album in 2020, which she says was a tough time for her. At the time, she was going through a breakup, loss of family, the pandemic, and her career seemed to come to a halt.

Bracken said he met a friend who was also a producer and together they created many sad songs.

“I really liked how organic it was,” Bracken said of his time producing his new album.

“Winter” allowed the group to focus on finding beauty and hope throughout the dark times of 2020, Bracken said. She describes the album as raw and moving.

One of the first tracks on Brontë Fall’s “Winter” album is “Beyond the Rain”. This single tells the story of Bracken’s traumatic experience of a tornado taking over his Nashville home just before the pandemic.

“‘Beyond the Rain’ is like a ‘Wizard of Oz’ take with a tornado, but you wake up to the crazy world of the pandemic,” Bracken said.

Bracken said his musical inspirations consisted of singer-songwriters like John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Jason Isbell and Lake Street Dive.

“My musical inspirations swing between pop singer-songwriters and really cool Americana people,” Bracken said.

Over the years, Bracken said she learned to trust herself and be more patient as a songwriter.

“It’s funny,” Bracken said. “When you start out, you want to put all your feelings into song. Now I’m more patient and OK knowing it doesn’t all have to fit in one song. It’s fun to get better at your songwriting.

Alongside the album release, Brontë Fall has a three-week tour coming up, which Bracken said she is looking forward to.

“I can’t wait to sit down and create some new songs,” Bracken said.

Bracken once performed at a Sofar Sounds show in Champaign, and she said she was looking forward to performing here again.

Brontë Fall will perform as a trio at Rose Bowl Tavern at Urbana on Thursday at 8 p.m., and their new album will be released on March 4.

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