Album review: Wailin Storms – Rattle

Album review: Wailin Storms - Rattle

Passionate psychedelic storm

Wailin Storms are a doom-punk rock band from Corpus Christi, Texas who took their sound with them to North Carolina. Their music is strongly influenced by their environment because their work carries a heavy and strange rock mixed with southern rock and blues. Wailin Storms is made up of four members: singer Justin Storms, guitarist Todd Warner, bassist Steve Stanczyk and drummer Mark Oates. Rattle is the group’s third studio album with a total of eight tracks. The album carries a southern gothic doom punk sound as well as blues influences with the theme of human fragility.

Rattle kicks off with the title song “Rattle,” a five-and-a-half-minute song that seems to start off as a classic cowboy stalemate but quickly turns into a psychedelic desert rock song. Justin Storms’ voice thrills the listener in intriguing calls that perfectly match the beat of the track. However, the lack of lyricism cuts holes in the track, giving the impression that some lyrical creativity is lacking.

The track “Teeth” is a little more playful because it is carried by funny punk rock guitar riffs. Instead of the classic heavy guitar solo, the track features a nice, smooth guitar melody for half a minute solo in the middle of the song. Soon after, the track to follow is “Sun”, a heavier take with monster gothic guitar riffs.

“Crow” brings audiences back to the psychedelic desert vibe that the album first introduced to listeners with the first two tracks. Mesmerizing bass and heavy drums plunge the listener into a new realm. The album ends with “End” which is the perfect dark rock track to end the album. Its strange high energy leaves the sudden urge to press that replay button.

Wailin storms’ Rattle is overall well composed, as it contains a lot of elements for hard rock lovers, such as haunting guitar riffs, shattering percussion and haunting distortions. However, like any other work of art, when viewed closely, there are some flaws that are hard to ignore. Fortunately, the vigorous passion and immense talent of Wailin Storms are showcased throughout the album, creating captivating mixtures of psychedelic rock.


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