5 THINGS TO KNOW: What are the American traditions for ringing the New Year? | Local news

Histoire.com details some American traditions to celebrate the New Year.

1. Times Square in New York

The world-famous celebration dates back to 1904, when the New York Times moved to what was then known as Longacre Square and convinced the city to rename the neighborhood in his honor. At the end of the year, the owner of the publication threw a big party with elaborate fireworks. After fireworks were banned in 1907, the ball was fabricated and dropped from a lamppost.

2. Resolutions

Making resolutions has become an integral part of New Year’s traditions. Almost everyone makes New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of changing themselves for good and achieving their goals.

3. New Year’s kiss

People in the United States believe that sharing a kiss at midnight will ward off evil spirits and also prevent loneliness next year. With this in mind, couples, especially the bride and groom, kiss at midnight as part of New Year’s tradition.

4. Black-eyed peas

The dish consists of black-eyed peas with or without rice and pork. These items are consumed on New Years Day with a strong belief from all ages that they will improve luck and prosperity in our lives in the days to come. Black-eyed peas here represent coins and eating them on New Year brings good luck and prosperity in life.

5. Auld Lang Syne

The popular New Year’s song was written by poet Robert Burns and has been sung on New Year’s Eve since the mid-19th century before the song hit the limelight when Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians brought it to life. performed in 1929. The group then performed the song song every year until 1976 with their interpretation performed annually in Times Square.

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