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Unicredit, one of the leading credit institutions in the country, has in store for you a loan for every need. But what are the Unicredit loans available today within the group’s agencies? We try to find out more by finding out which credit lines are useful to meet the needs of the whole family, for small and large purchases, and what are the ways to request it.

Unicredit loans are distinguished by amounts, purposes, characteristics of flexibility, and other peculiarities. Let’s see them in detail.

Credit Express Mini is a personal loan that can be requested for amounts between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, useful for being able to easily finance the expenses for your family, for smaller projects. The sum can be returned within repayment programs between 18 and 36 months.

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Jan 24,2019
What are you waiting for? Request a loan available for bad credit

In life, you sometimes face an unexpected financial crisis. In case the amount you need exceeds your savings, the online loan can be an attractive option because of its speed and ease. However, it is necessary that you take into account various parameters so that your search fast credit is beneficial on the short and…


Jan 14,2019
Guarantees requested for credit redemption

Portia surrender bonds Bonded loans Bail Portia is a most advantageous Portia redemption. The general idea of bonding is based on the fact that the borrower is insured in the repayments of his old monthly payments by a surety agency. The agency therefore pays the monthly installments instead of the borrower who will return new…